Our Memorial Services

Mabrie Memorial Mortuary Mortuary is dedicated to providing traditional and customized funeral services for communities throughout the greater Houston area.  We are committed to helping families and our main objective is to provide quality services in the most caring, professional and compassionate manner possible.  Realizing that the passing of a loved one is one of the most difficult challenges that the bereaved can face, Mabrie Memorial Mortuary wants to earn your family's trust by assisting you during your time of loss.

Available Services

Mabrie Memorial Mortuary can assist you with the following:

- Funeral and Memorial services, including in-home service.
- Majestically Proportional Grand Chapel
- Infant Burial Display
- Attorney Services upon request 
- Term Life and Pre-Needs Services 
                                                       - Memorial Tribute Program 
                                                       - Domestic and International Shipping 
                                                       - Cremations 
                                                       - Floral and Gift arrangements 
                                                       - Other special services

We are dedicated to providing professional, individualized funeral and memorial services.  For more information, or to arrange a personal consultation, please call (713) 942-ROSE (7673).

Infant Burial Display

We can help you create a unique meaningful ceremony to express the genuine individuality of your loved one.

Mabrie Memorial Mortuary offers a Little Angels' room created to address the sensitive grieving experience of families of recently deceased infants and small children.

In-Home Service

Mabrie Memorial Mortuary will provide complete funeral arrangements, visitations, and memorial services in the home upon request.  This service would mirror the same professional and dignified services as provided at the primary establishment.


Costs at Mabrie Memorial Mortuary are reasonable and customary.  We are honest and are adamant in our refusal to take advantage of any situation for personal or professional gain. We want you to honor your loved one in a way that allows you look back, years from now, and be thankful that you did the best you could do to honor their life.  

We accept most insurance policies and encourage the purchase of pre-need insurance, so that cost will not be concern during this time of need. 

We also accept Discover, MasterCard and Visa bank cards.  We believe that you and your family will benefit from our services.  Contact us today to speak with one of our funeral planners
 at 713-942-ROSE (7673).